What is the Pomodoro Tool?

Credit: Medium

Have you ever felt like you're trying to work but you're constantly getting distracted? That's the exact problem this tool aims to help. So how does the tool help you solve this?

First, you start a countdown timer that goes on for 25 minutes. During these 25 minutes, you are to solely work. This means no Instagram, no Facebook, and no emails.

Once your 25 minutes are up, you're free to do whatever you want to do. Generally, you want to reward yourself for finishing a lot of work. This trains the mind to enjoy working and build the habit of focusing.

As you start to complete more cycles with ease, you will start to notice how easy it is to focus. At this point, you might not even need our Pomodoro tool to help you focus. That's the level of focus we want everyone in the Mind of Habit community to achieve.

Are you ready to level up your focus?

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I'm Ready to Level Up My Focus