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Get Free Rewards For Completing Your Habits


Get Free Rewards For Completing Your Habits

How Does Rewardful Work?

There are 3 Parts To A Successful Habit

1. Cue

The cue is what initiates the habit. Without the cue you will never be prompted to begin the habit. This is why we have an alarm feature on every habit, to help people stay on track.

2. Routine

This is the action of performing the habit. After you complete your habit, get on Rewardful and check it off for the day.

3. Reward

No habit is complete without a proper reward. Sadly rewards are hard to set in place for your healthy habits. That is why Rewardful gives you XP and rewards for completing each of your habits.

Your Healthy Habits Can Get You Amazing FREE Rewards!

Benefits of Using

Form Habits Easier

Rewardful is the easiest way to form healthy habits over time.

Track Progress

Use our system to track your progress and look back at all the success you had.

Improved Focus

With healthier habits you will experience a higher quality of focus in life.

Improved Happiness

Healthier habits have been shown to increase peoples levels of happiness.

Improved Confidence

When you start completing new healthy habits you will have renewed confidence in yourself.

Improved Self-Discipline

Rewardful is designed to help you stop giving up and actually form your habits.

What Everyone Is Saying About Rewardful

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This app helped me form my habits with little effort!

Nathan Mitchell Rewardful User

I use Rewarful on a daily basis. Everytime I finish one of my habits I immediately get on to make sure I track my progress.

Trevor Sanderson Rewardful User

This is my favorite app, I spend so much time trying to unlock my new Rewards!

Alison Blake Rewardful User

I’m not sure what I would do without Rewardful! I love this app!

Katherine Rutherford Rewardful User

What Are You Waiting For?

Download Rewardful now and start earning XP to be able to unlock new and exclusive rewards, that are only available to Rewardful users!

How many times have you failed trying to form a new habit? Use Rewardful as your sidekick to creating long term healthy habits.