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You are tired of being a slow typer. Being a slow typer can hold back your productivity and be very frustrating. Being able to type fast is extremely important to me since I am constantly working on my computer.

How to improve typing speed can be a difficult task but I have put together the exact process that you can follow to become an efficient and quick typer in no time.

Keyboard Basics

You want your fingers in what’s called “home row”. This is the foundation of keyboard typing. Your left hand will cover the left side of the keyboard and your right hand will cover the right side.

Put your left-hand pinky on “A” and your left-hand pointer finger on “F”. Then your right-hand pinky on “;” and your right-hand pointer finger on “J” and of course your two thumbs on the spacebar.

All of your other fingers will fall into place. This may feel uncomfortable at first but with time this position for your fingers will feel as natural as writing on paper. When you type you will move a finger around to the specific key and after you have pressed it, your fingers will return back to home row and hover over the corresponding keys.

Maintain Good Posture

Posture has become increasingly important in today’s society as a large majority of people work from a desk. If you maintain bad posture, over time it will lead to health problems, back problems, neck problems, and even wrist problems. 

Not only do you want to maintain good posture for health reasons, but good posture also helps improve typing speed. 

Ensure you are sitting up straight and keeping your back straight and that your head is only tilted slightly forward.

Your wrists are also extremely important to account for. Make sure you take care of your wrists, shoulder, neck, and back by getting up and stretching them periodically. This is great for the health of your body but it’s also great to take a break from typing every once in a while.

Start Out Slow

When people are trying to start typing faster they sit down and start going as fast as they can. They make so many mistakes and look like a spaz. What you really need to do is start out slow, and get a clear understanding of where each letter is.

When you have each letter embedded into your mind you can easily start to improve your typing speed. You need to get to the point where you are no longer guessing which key will do what.

Once you begin hitting each key out of habit then you can start to improve your typing speed. Start going at faster paces than you ever have before. Once you finally get to the point where you remember where every key is, really push yourself.

Try to reach typing speeds that you know you are going to make mistakes at. Over time you will start to make fewer and fewer mistakes and will start to be able to maintain that typing speed.

Stop Looking Down

Have you ever watched a fast typer? If you have you know they never look down at the keyboard. This is a bad typing habit that you must break as fast as possible. 

The habit of looking down while you type is a productivity killer. It moves your focus from one thing to another and you waste time in the transition. To be an efficient typer, you must memorize the keyboard and where each key is located. 

Don’t expect yourself to memorize this instantly, this can take time.


Just like any other skill, you need to practice to master it. With the progression of technology, typing skills are something you can expect to be around for a very long time.

This means the sooner you start the better. 

In high school, I went through two typing classes. Where you had to write page after page of random and useless information. This class was extremely boring and the amount of work we were given each and every day was insane. 

At the same time, the growth that my typing skills went through was insane. For this reason, I do not regret taking this class at all. As it helped me do the work I do today much faster. 

Without those classes and without page after page of useless typing, I wouldn’t be in this situation.

I would recommend that you try and make your practice sessions fun or you will not be able to continue doing them as they will be too boring. You could try doing it with friends, writing about something you are interested in or starting your own blog as a way to improve your typing.

Try and give yourself extra incentive to continue working on your typing skills.

Get Into The Flow

As you are starting to progress and improve your typing speed, one thing you can do is type everything out first, then go back and edit. Try and stop using the backspace every time you make a mistake.

What happens when you are typing is you start to get into the flow of everything. Then when you have to continue to stop and fix your errors, you break that flow. This only hurts your productivity.

Another reason to wait till the end to correct your mistakes is that it makes you read through your writing very carefully. The urge to right and then press send or publish instantly afterward is very strong.

Even though everyone knows the chances of there being a typing error is high.

How to improve typing speed is not always about how fast you can smash each key. Sometimes it’s about getting into the flow state and be able to continue typing for long periods of time.

You could be the fastest typer in the world, but if you lose your focus and stop typing after 1 sentence, you are not going to get anywhere.

Play Music

Another productivity hack you can use to either get into the flow and improve your typing speed is to play music.

I love listening to music while I work. It helps motivate me to continue working and makes me enjoy it a lot more. You will find that some types of music will help keep you on track, while other types of music may be too distracting.

Experiment for yourself and figure out what kind of music is best for you while you are typing

Key Takeaways

Spend time working on improving your typing skills. If you need help learning things faster check this out: How To Learn Things Faster and Remember More

This is a skill that will pay dividends for years to come and help you become much more efficient in your day to day life.

Written by Jeremy on Nov 27 2019

How Well Have You Mastered the Self?

Take our self-mastery quiz and learn more about yourself and how you can improve. Complete the quiz and we have a special offer for you that can't be found anywhere else on the site.

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