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How To Organize Your Life – Organization Hacks

how to organize your life

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming. You are wanting to change your life but you are not sure how to do it. How to organize your life in the right way, can be a very difficult thing to figure out.

But if you do it correctly you will begin to see results much faster. You will be happier, more productive and live your life with more purpose.

Once you get a solid foundation of how to organize your life, organize your day, and organize your time. You will be in a much better position to succeed than ever before.

Create a Morning Routine

First thing is first, and the start of your day has a huge impact on the rest of your day. The goal of your morning routine is to wake you up and get you prepared to have a productive and purpose-driven day. 

Ideally, you will want to wake up an hour to an hour and a half before you either need to leave for work or begin working. This way you have plenty of time to get prepared for your day ahead. 

First thing when you get up, drink some water. This helps rehydrate your body after it went hours without any.

Next, go get some sun! The sun wakes you up like nothing else. Our bodies are used to getting sun in the morning. It helps tell our brain that its day time and that we must wake up our body.

It’s always good to have some form of mindfulness or quiet time in the morning. Meditating in the morning is always a good habit to create because it gets your brain going in the right direction first thing in the morning. Or you could journal, read, or go for a walk.

No matter which habit you choose you will instantly feel the effects that it can have on the rest of your day. When deciding how to organize your life, creating a solid morning routine is one of the most important things you can do.

Work Time

After your morning routine, it is time to get working. 

I’m sure most of you will not be able to fight off the urge of immediately checking your email and any other notifications. Since you will most likely be unable to focus on anything else if you don’t at least take a peek at your email, I recommend you check it out. 

The place where most people go wrong is they spend too much time in their inbox. So after you go in there and make sure nothing is urgent, close down the app and don’t check it until after you have finished your most important project.

Yes, I said your most important project. You have renewed willpower every morning. So you must use this energy efficiently. Choose the project that if finished will give you the best results.

This is often the most difficult project or the one you are dreading to do the most.

Learn How To Be More Productive.

Take A Break

After you put a couple of hours of hard work into this project your focus will start to fade. The best way to fix this is to take a break. Breaks are great for productivity. They help your brain and body recover after hard work.

So you can come back after the break and be even more efficient. If your productivity starts to fade, maybe its time you take a quick break.

Get The Blood Flowing

Whether you decide to exercise in the morning, the afternoon or the evening, when it happens is not as important as making sure it gets done. I personally like to work out in the evening but whatever works best for you is okay with me. 

Don’t let someone tell you that you have to do it at a specific time of day. If that time doesn’t work for you, you will be much more likely to skip it. Experiment with which time you feel most comfortable going, and stick with it.

Evening Creativity

In the evening is when everyone likes to unwind from their day of hard work and just relax. I’m not going to stop you! You deserve to relax, but there are a couple of habits I recommend you implement into your evening to be able to optimize your day. 

In the evening we get a spike in creativity, and we can and should, use this to our advantage. Use this to plan out creative systems to improve your life, your career, and your health. Sit down and brainstorm ways to make things even better than they are. 

This is also a great time to set goals. When you sit down and figure out what you want for your future, your subconscious mind will start to find ways to make it happen. Setting goals is essential to your life and to your personal development.

When you are figuring out how to organize your life make sure you plan some time for creativity. Figure out when you are most creative and when the best time of the day is for you to do this kind of work.

Learn Everyday

In life, we are always striving to become our best selves. When this is our goal we must commit ourselves to constant learning. If we are not learning new things how can we expect to improve? Improvement, no matter how small, is always the goal. 

Over time you will be able to look back at who you used to be and see the massive growth that you went through.

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Create a Night Routine

The mindset that we go to bed in will be very similar to the mindset that we wake up in. That is why it is essential that we end the night on the right foot. Your night routine doesn’t need to be elaborate or drag on forever. You want it to be relaxing and preparing your mind and body for a night of quality sleep. 

Some good ways to do this is to read a good book, talk with a friend or significant other, or have some tea.

The most important habit that you need to stick to during your night routine, is staying away from electronic devices. Your devices emit blue light when your brain recognizes blue light, it thinks that it is daytime and it can make it harder to fall asleep and could even interfere with the quality of your sleep.

evening habits

If need more help finding the best habits to fit into your daily routine then checkout: 19 Habits of Successful People | Daily Success Habits

Organization Hacks

Now that we have covered how to organize your life, let’s cover organizational hacks that you can use throughout your day. I always find that when my life feels more organized, I get much more accomplished on a daily basis.

So let’s cover some habits and tips you can use to be more organized in your life.

Organize Your Desk Space

This can also be a nice habit to have in your morning routine or pre-work ritual. I often find that when my desk starts to get messy with random nonsense. I start to get frustrated. I am probably a bit more OCD than most people but don’t underestimate what a clean workspace can do for you. 

This not only helps with productivity but when you need something such as a pen, notecard, or certain documents, you know exactly where everything is and you can be more efficient. Then make sure you put things back where you grabbed them from.

Get into the habit of routinely cleaning up your work area. 

Here is another bonus tip I often use myself. Sometimes I lose things and have to take an hour or so running around the house trying to find it. To make sure you never lose that same object, put it away in the first place you looked for it. Your mind subconsciously associated that place with that object.

For more productivity hacks read: How To Be More Productive

Don’t Rely Too Much on Your Memory

Organized people understand that our memory is faulty. It is not going to be 100% accurate and we shouldn’t expect it to be.

Plus if you solely rely on memory you are using up unnecessary willpower. So we obviously need another outlet to use. You can use paper or a journal. I often use a sticky note to jot down my tasks I would like to accomplish for the day. 

Always Have A Backup

I have absolutely terrible eyesight. Without my contacts, I am nearly legally blind. Which means I have to take my contacts out every night and put them in every morning. I put the contact solution into the contact container and then grab them the next morning.

I run through a bottle of contact solution close to every month. Now if I happened to run out of my contact solution I would have a problem, I wouldn’t have a place to put my contacts.

Organized people always keep a backup of things that are important to their daily routine. 

Another good example of this would be for food. A lot of people eat the same food for breakfast every day. So if you happened to run out, you wouldn’t be able to have it that day. You obviously don’t need backups of everything. Just the things that are important to you and your daily routine.

Think Ahead

Everyone has their own priorities and things that matter to them. Nobody is going to follow you around your whole life and remind you that you need to work out tomorrow or that you have a paper due next week. 

Organized people look ahead into their schedule and plan out what their time is going to look like. You must think ahead and plan out your time wisely. Be aware of how much time your tasks take and make sure you save time for the important ones.

Experiment With New Ideas

There are a lot of people in the world that choose to do things or live their life a certain way because what other people are doing or because that’s what is popular. You must rise above this. 

You have to always question what everyone is doing and not just assume everything will work for you the same way it has worked for them.

The best way to know, if something works best for you is to experiment for yourself. Constantly be testing, having new experiments and fine-tune the way you work and the way you live your life.

A Minimalistic Mindset

Get rid of stuff. Most people have an overload of clothes and objects that don’t necessarily provide you with any value. The more stuff you have and the more stuff you buy, the more energy that you have to put into them. 

Not only can this save you money but this can also make you more productive. You don’t have to go overboard and get rid of everything but just be conscious of the amount of stuff you have around you and ask yourself is all this necessary?

Take some time to go through your house and see if something would be better off donated, given to a friend or even thrown away.

Key Takeaways – How To Organize Your Life – Organization Hacks

When you organize your life and try to plan out everything you want to get done, don’t act like you’re going to get it perfect your first try. This is something you will need to be constantly experimenting with. 

As you try new things, you will find that you like to do certain things at different times of the day. Everyone is different and you must find what works best for you. 

Figure out how to organize your life in a positive and healthy way, and you will be putting yourself on a path of success. These are great guidelines for you to implement, to be able to optimize the time that you are given on a daily basis.

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