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Do You Feel As If You Read a Lot of Books But Still Don't See Progress?

It's a warm, sunny day and you've got another self-development book in your hands. It's one of multiple books you're reading over the summer to improve yourself. So far, you've experienced barely any growth but you're hoping that the next book will crack the code for you. This goes on all summer with no luck.

Now picture yourself being able to pick up that book, absorb the information, then allowing your wisdom to find the action steps. Right after, you are able to switch gears and implement what you've learned and instantly start to see results.

That's exactly who you can be and achieve with the Mind of Habit Book Club. You will be able to:

  • get the golden nuggets and action steps for each book
  • learn and improve faster
  • have tangible results to show for all your knowledge
  • increase your confidence to break limiting beliefs
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What Will You Learn and How Will You Improve?

The following are the six core topics that you will learn and master. There are many more auxiliary topics that you will learn about, however, without mastering these six core topics, the auxiliary topics fall apart.


You will gain the ability to control your emotions and push through the days where you "don't feel like it."


Imagine being able to sit down for just a few hours each day and get more work done than you could before.

Habit Formation

Understand how habits work and how they're formed so you can cut out your bad habits in an intelligent manner.

Self Awareness

By knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you'll be able to place yourself in favorable situations.

Inner Self-Purpose

Imagine waking up everyday with consistently more energy than usual and feel good about what you do.

Inner Peace

Tap into your true inner self to find inner peace and everlasting happiness so you can enjoy what you do.

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How Does The Book Club Work to Help You Master Yourself?

1. Select Book as a Community

Every week, the community will get to vote out of four book choices from Monday to Thursday. The book that gets the majority of the votes will be covered the following week. Your vote will matter.

2. We Prepare and Read

Before releasing the book to you, we read the book ourselves. We create a summary for quick referencing in the future. We also create cheatsheets, guides, and software to help you take action.

3. Get Notified

On Friday of each week, we will send out an email about which book the community chose and send non-affiliate links to Amazon so you can order the book for yourself and the upcoming week.

4. Access to Dashboard

On Saturday of each week, a new dashboard will be automatically created for the new book. You will get access to our summary, checklists, guides, and any software tools.

5. Discussion of Book

Starting Saturday until Friday, you can ask the community questions. We can discuss the topics in the book to help you understand how to apply them to your specific situations.

6. Summary Video

Near the end of the week, we will create a video summary which you can watch to quickly get all the main points and how to use the software and downloadable content.

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What You Will Unlock Right After You Register

Detailed Book Summaries

Use our detailed book summaries to understand the topics in the book at a deeper level. We come up with more examples to help you learn.

Step-by-Step Checklists

We take the topics presented in the book and create a checklist out of it. This way you can quickly check and see if you're improving.

In-Depth How-to Guides

What's the point of learning if you don't take action and gain experience? Use our guides to take action on the topics covered in the book.

Software Tools

Not only are you getting a how-to guide, you will get access to a software tool that will help you implement the ideas covered in the book.

Ongoing Help and Support

We're here for you when you have trouble understanding the concepts in the book. Use the Direct Question to directly send us your question.

24/7 Access to Content

Not only do you get up-to-date knowledge and action steps, you can access all the past books' checklists, guides, tools, and ask questions.

Unlock Access to a Wealth of Knowledge

"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done." - Bruce Lee

Price: $7/mo

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